November 2015

Minutes of the Wistanstow PTA Thursday 19th September 2015

Present:- Juliet Orme, Barbara Townley, Lori Orme, Natalie Curtis, Vicki Stevens and Leigh Francis.

Apologies:- Ste Key

The minutes of the last meeting were read out and agreed.

Matters Arising:- The storyteller is coming in once a term and feedback from the kids has been positive.

Forest school is not going to go ahead at the Village Hall because of the requirement of a fire pit. Lori offered her field for Foest School. Mrs Townley to look into whether this could be a possibility.

The sponsored walk raised £600. We need to decide what to spend this on.

No one has come forward to be the school representative on the Village Hall Committee or do the Christmas Shopping. Lori will put it in the flyer. We will alter the Christmas shopping as it is getting expensive. Possibly Red House/Book people.

Christmas party is Thursday 17th December. Need to be there at 12.30 to set up.

Vicki/ Juliet to do food shopping for this.

Disco Friday 11th December. Need to book Summer disco Friday 15th July 6.30-8.30. Need hall 5.30-9pm. Juliet to speak to Village Hall.

Treasurer’s Report:- See attached.

Bike Show:– 25th year- next year on 20th March 2016

50 invitations have been sent out. Forms are due back by 13th January. Hoping to have some new bikes this year. Auto jumblers will start booking in January.

Pete Jones is happy for his fields to be used and Edward Wood is happy to provide the gifts.

We are still working on the Guest of Honour. Jerrys taxis are happy to do the disabled taxis.

The parking needs more volunteers and communication for next year. We need a diplomatic person in charge of parking for when it gets busy.

We need to get the message out that we are a small show so come early and if you are a large group please let us know you are coming in advance.

We will do a banner for the show to display what we have spent Bike Show money on. Mrs Townley to look into this.

We will have a helmet stand. This could be in the shed. Helmets can be put in bags and tickets put on the bags.

We will not use playgroup for childcare this year as we did not get many extra parents from this.

Extra bins required. We can borrow these. Juliet has at least two.

Game and Country Meats can do the meat this year. Juliet to ask if they have cool boxes. They can give a better price and will sponsor the draw tickets. We will do £1 per ticket this year instead of 20p a ticket to save paper, folding and printing costs. We will print the same monetary value of tickets this year.

Garden/Playground project         More quotes are to be obtained. Claire from Playgroups husband will look at this.

Wish List

We agreed to spend on the following:-

3 x Wireless microscopes @ £66.95 each

Nativity costumes £200

Coach for 21 pupils to go to PGL

Mini Cooker and saucepans £100.00


Mrs Townley thanked the PTA for doing the teas and coffees at the open day.

Juliet to order leavers sweatshirts.

PE kit looks very good. We need 20 more small black tops and 20 jackets for class 1. Vicki to see if these go small enough. If not we may get red hoodies for class 1.

JeannettePrice suggests doing some tea towels with the childrens artwork on it. This is a good idea. Need to ask Jeannette to look into this further.

Mrs Townley asked about a skip to remove the stuff by class 3 outdoor area.

Date of next Meeting:- Thursday 21st January 2016 7.30pm

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