January 2016

Minutes of the Wistanstow PTA Thursday 21st January 2016

Present:- Juliet Orme, Barbara Townley, Lori Orme, Natalie Curtis, Vicki Stevens and Leigh Francis.

Apologies:- Ste Key, Molly Milner, Jeanette Price

The minutes of the last meeting were read out and agreed.

Matters Arising:- The children are enjoying the storyteller’s visits.

Lori’s field has been approved for Forest School. A report will be done on the site.

Juliet to order leavers sweatshirts after the Bike Show.

We will give £1000 to the playground project for plants, benches and a canopy. Lori to look into and purchase a canopy.

We agreed to fund a coach to Liverpool for Science Week.

The mini cooker and saucepans have not been bought yet.

For the PE kit we will order 5 small jackets, 15 tops age 5-6.

Nativity costumes looked good at the service.

The Christmas party ran well and the books from Santa were appreciated by the children.

The tea towels suggested by Jeannette are a good idea and we should go ahead for Mothers Day.

No one has come forward to be Village Hall rep yet.

The Village Hall table that was damaged has been replaced with the one from the school kitchen.

The school has been donated some hedgerow plants. Some are to go to the village hall.

No base has been built yet for the shed at the Village Hall.

Summer disco has been booked for Thursday 14th July 6.30-8.30. Need hall 5.30-9pm.

Treasurer’s Report:- See attached.

Bike Show:

Ste Key has done the poster.

Guest of Honour is booked and is Michael Rutter, but this is subject to pre race testing.   Barry Furber is to be asked to the show and Bob Dixon will be there.

20 auto jumblers are coming so far. Could possibly put them in the field together if it is dry. We could mark out pitches with washable spray paint.

Shaun has looked into the possibility of hiring matting if it is wet. We need to review this nearer the time.

No helpers children should be there on the day.

We need the PA going by 11am on the day. Jim Reynolds will do the interviews and we will play music in between these.

We have had over half of the forms back. Over half of these are new bikes.

We will get the school children to make posters saying thank you for your support and these will be put up around the site on show day.

Draw tickets are printed and will go out to parents before half term. A table for draw tickets will be in front of the Village Hall on the day.

We need less programmes printing this year.

Jeanette is doing the food shopping.

Treasurers Report

(See attached)

Juliet to do a handout of how much we have raised at the Bike Show over the years.

Total raised £82335 in 25 years. We have spent £1600 since 18th November.

£195.68 per pupil from January to December



 Date of next Meeting:- Thursday 10th March 2016 7.30pm

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