June 2016

Minutes of the Wistanstow PTA Thursday 26th May 2016

Present:- Juliet Orme, Lori Orme, Natalie Curtis, Vicki Stevens, Leigh Francis, Barbara Townley, Emma Hadwin and Zerena Gurney-Adams.

Apologies:- None

Plant Sale- Sat 18th June

We are joining forces with Playgroup for this. It will be 11-2pm. There will be:-

Cake Stall with jams.

Teas and Coffees




Kids Games

Vicki to contact Outspan nurseries and ask them to come to the sale.

The competition is a garden on a plate. No charge to enter. Classes are:- Pre school, reception and yr 1, yr2 and 3, yr 4, 5 and 6. !st prize, 2nd and 3rd are a bag of sweets. Juliet to buy the prizes.

Playgroup will amend their poster and give some out to the school.

Lori will put a note in flyer asking for donations of plants, prizes and cakes and for help on the day.


The minutes of the last meeting were read out and agreed.

Matters Arising:-

Christmas disco- need to book this Friday 16th December.

Forest School- Has been successful. School would like to offer this to the other classes. They would like the PTA to fund all day sessions after half term.

The field needs rolling and harrowing. Leigh to ask Pete Jones.

Leavers sweatshirts need to be ordered.

The canopy for the garden needs to be ordered by September.

We may possibly have someone to be Village Hall rep. Lori to follow this up.

No progress on the shed at the Village Hall.

Garden project going well. Would like to have working party over half term for weeding and painting. Need someone to do weed spraying also. Lori will put this in the flyer.

Treasurer’s Report:- See attached.

Garden Project:-

£50 plants, £200 benches, £144 bark and gravel, £188 Cuprinol and slate chippings, £25.00 Green house, £150 tarpaulin= £707.00 spent so far.

Shopping List

Trikes  £400.00 for three bikes

Home Corner £75.00

10 Hymn Books £4.99 each

Class 2 trip £65.00

Outdoor posters- fractions, Mirror and Signs for shed (bee)         £200.00

Visualisers £250.00x 3= £750.00

Forest School


Quiz is booked at The Plough Friday 22nd July.

School Play is Thursday 7th July

The proceeds from next years bike show could be put towards the ICT package.

Date of next Meeting:- Thursday 22nd September 2016 3.20pm

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