Friday Flyer





This Week’s Star Pupils are:

Class 1- Hector

   Class 2- Evie

   Class 3 Amelie

   Well done!

  Fire Alarm

Thank you so much for the patience shown at the end of the day on Thursday! Our fire alarm was accidentally set off and we were not sure if it was a real fire, or not, so it was important to account for all our children before letting them go.

We thought the children were brilliant in the way they did exactly as they should, without any fuss! We would really have preferred to go to our usual collection point, in the church yard, but felt that we might lose some children to parents and not be able to be sure no-one had been left in the building.

 A Little Reminder

This pledge keeps villagers, teachers, students and parents happy!

  • We will park at the Village Hall or The Plough and walk to and from school.
  • We will send a filled water bottle to school each day.
  • We will send our dinner money in a marked envelope first thing on Monday morning .
  • We will make every effort to get to school on time and be ready to go home on time.


This week’s Year 5/6 winning rounders team, Wistanstow A (names listed below) will be going to Lacon Childe for the Rounders Finals on Tuesday afternoon. They will have lunch before they go and will be back for the end of the day. They should come prepared for the weather of the day; have their school kit and a water bottle.


The week before half term Class 3 spent the morning at Cardingmill Valley for an orienteering competition.  A great time was had by all and here are the results;

3rd Archie A and James 11mins

9th Keehin and Charlie 14mins

10th Lauren and Macy 14.15 mins

15th joint Tess and Caitlyn, Tai and Omar, Harrison and Michael 15.30 mins

With these overall results, Wistanstow have qualified yet again for the Summer school games in July! Wow another great achievement!

On Wednesday, two teams played in the first round of the rounders tournament.

There were 6 teams altogether from Dorrington, Condover and St Lawrence’s Church Stretton. Cont.

Both our teams played extremely well and it was clear that our pupils have been practising and have gained very

good skills and tactics. The overall results were that Wistanstow A were the winners and Wistanstow B were joint 2nd with St Lawrence’s.

Wistanstow A will go forward to the regional finals which take place next Tuesday afternoon.

This will involve the following players, Michael, Jake, Harrison, Omar, Tai, Caitlyn, Tess, Amber, Molly and Lauren. Thanks to Chelsea, Alex and Keehin for joining the Dorrington team as they didn’t have enough players. Well done.

 Netball News

Anyone interested in joining us and helping out with the netball team??

We have looked after the netball team since our daughters joined the club.  Now all our daughters are at Secondary and Lauren is about to leave our school. It involves a coaching session Wednesday after school and then netball matches during the Winter and Spring term on Monday evenings.

Please speak to Vicki or Tessa if you want to be involved and for further info.

Hair Check

It is time to check and comb your children’s hair as we have been informed that little visitors are about.

Community Signpost

Plonk and Pudding

Friday, June 23 from 8 till late

Plough Inn Wistanstow

£5 per ticket

Inlcudes: a glass of wine, a pudding and Bruce’s Disco!

All proceeds to Wistanstow School

Tickets available now!

Get them at the Smithy Shop or the Plough Wistanstow