Friday Flyer





This Week’s Star Pupils are:

Class 1- Sylvie

   Class 2- Bella

   Class 3 Alfie

   Well done!


Bubbles and Cookie-monster are looking for a holiday home!

Climbing frame

A fter an incident on the climbing frame on Wednesday, the children had an assembly to remind them about playing safely on the playground and particularly the climbing frame. They were reminded that they should not be playing on the climbing frame before and after school, or out of school hours.

They were told that, for the time being, Class 1 should not be playing on the climbing frame, until advice had been received from ROSPA. Just at that moment, the representative from ROSPA arrived to do our routine annual playground check, so he was able to come into assembly and talk to the children.

After his inspection, his advice was that “the benefits of using the climbing frame outweigh the risks. The risk is, to spend six weeks in a plaster.” I would be very interested to hear parent’s views on this, especially those with children in class 1.

He also said to me “What a fantastic bunch of kids and all so active.”

 Reception/Year 1 Festival

On Tuesday morning, the children in reception and year 1 will be going to Church Stretton Secondary School for their sport festival. Our new year 1, Katie, will be joining us for the morning too.

 Year 6

Wednesday will be our Leaver’s Service for year 6, 9.30 in church. All welcome to attend.

This will be followed by the Leaver’s lunch at 12ish. There will be tea/coffee available for year 6 parents who wish to stay for the lunch, rather than going home and returning. An opportunity for a chat; the last time for some of our parents!

Athletics Final

The winners in the recent athletics competition will be going to the finals on the last day of term, the morning of Thursday 20th July, at Lacon Child. They need to leave promptly at 9 and will be back for lunchtime. They should arrive in their school kit, but year 6 should bring a change of clothes, so that the school kit can be collected in ready for next year. Children should be prepared for the weather of the day.

The children going will be: Jake D, Michael, Lauren, Molly, Caitlyn< Macy, Amelie, Rose, James, Alfie L, Harrison, Jake J, Alfie G. Matthew, Matti, Tia, Rosanna, Serena and Sky.

The year 6 who were not finalists, Honey, Tess, Amber, Cody, Omar, Tai and Archie A, are accompanying the team to cheer.

 PE/Netball Kit

If your child is not attending the athletics competition, please wash and return their school kit so that it is ready to hand out next year. If you have a netball kit please hand this back to Vicky.

 Sports Morning

Thank you to all the support for our Sports Morning. It does make a difference to the children when they see how many people have turned out to watch them and cheer them on.

The winners were Caradoc-the red team with 194 points; then Hazler-the blue team 173 points; then Ragleth-the yellow team with 169 points.

With only 25 points between the three teams, it was a close contest.

Well done to all the children for their efforts, sportsmanship and support for each other. It was truly inspiring to hear children talking to each other about taking part and trying to do your best and that it doesn’t matter if you don’t win. There was a great deal of competitiveness out on the field though and the individual winners on sports day were:

Class 1: Josh, with 20 points.

 Class 2: Bella, with 20 points and Sethan a very close second on 19.

 Class 3: Molly, with 19 points.



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