PTA AGM Sept 2017

Minutes of the Wistanstow PTA AGM Thursday 21st September 2017

Present:-   Zerena Gurney Adams, Juliet Orme,  Lori Orme,  Natalie Curtis, Leigh Francis, Julie Davies, Molly Milner, Holly, Marianne, Kelly Jones, Marianne Bromley Page, Sarah Smith, Jeannette Price, Maz Booth Guillett.

Apologies:-  Mrs Townley, Vicki Stevens

The minutes of the last meeting were read out and agreed.

Chairperson’s Report:- See attached.  This year the chair Leigh Francis and the vice chair Vicki Stevens are standing down.

Treasurer’s Report:- See attached.  The treasurer Natalie Curtis is standing down.


Election of new committee:-

Chairman:-  Molly Milner nominated by Sarah Smith seconded by Marianne Bromley Paige

Secretary:-  Juliet Orme nominated by Lori Orme seconded by Sarah Smith

Treasurer:-  Julie Davis nominated by Juliet Orme seconded by Zerena Gurney Adams

Committee Members:-  Juliet Orme, Molly Milner, Julie Davis, Maz Booth Guillett, Marianne Bromley Paige, Kelly Jones, Marianne, Zerena Gurney Adams.

Trustees:-  As above

Teacher representative:-  Barbara Townley.


Date of next AGM:- Thursday 20th September  2018.  Time tbc










Minutes of the Wistanstow PTA Thursday 21st September 2017

Present:-  As AGM

Apologies:- As AGM

The minutes of the last meeting were read out and agreed.

Matters Arising:- 

Julie Davies agreed to be the school representative on the Village Hall Committee.

The year 6 leavers disco went well and each child had a hoody donated by the PTA.

The Plonk and Pud Disco Fundraiser went well and made £200.

Class 1Play Equipment:-

It was agreed that Mrs Townley can spend £120 on play equipment.


The Bike Show will be run under a group of parents rather than one parent.


Date of next meeting:-  Thursday 28th September 2017 

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