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This Week’s Star Pupils are:

Class 1- Lily G

   Class 2- Sylvie

   Class 3 Rosanna

Well done!


As we are approaching half way through the school year, we are asking you to share your views of Wistanstow CE Primary School. We strive very hard to provide the best possible education, but always value your opinions on how we could get better. Last year we sent out a Christian School questionnaire and the year before was a Safer School questionnaire and we have always had an extremely good response from all our parents. Our Church Inspector was very impressed with the number of returned forms and the thoughtful comments.

Please spare a few moments to answer the questionnaire that your child has brought home. (The questions are taken from the Ofsted Parent View form).

 Book Fair

We will be hosting a Scholastic Book Fair from Thursday 8th February.  This is an opportunity for children to look at and discuss book choices together; share their views of authors and new titles and helps us to promote a love of reading in our children. The Book Shop will be open after school each day and children will get the opportunity to browse during the day.

 World Book Day

World Book Day is Thursday 1st March and the children have asked to celebrate the day by coming as their favourite book character. This gives a whole month to organise those costumes!

 Big Battery Hunt

Wistanstow School has joined a nationwide campaign to help recycle more batteries.

The children have had an assembly about recycling batteries and have brought home a box to collect your old batteries. Once your box is full, it should be returned to school. This helps children to understand the importance of recycling and also the school may benefit from entry into a Prize Draw. Children may want to encourage family and friends to join in to become a battery recycling champion.

Advance Notice

Open Books

Parents are invited to come into school on Wednesday, Feb 28th, to share their children’s work by looking at books and their classrooms together. The session will start at 2.30 and finish at 4:30. You are welcome to pop in any time during that time.


February 6th Year 3 and 4 Dodgeball

Friday 9th Quicksticks Regional Finals

Thursday 15th Athletics Finals

 Child Safety

Could we please remind everyone that they should park up at the village hall, or at the pub at the beginning and end of the day.  We need the road to be kept clear for the safety of our children. We also don’t want to upset the local community by parking inappropriately in the road, or at the shop. We very much appreciate the efforts of many of our parents to follow these arrangements.

Sport Update


Years 3/4/5 took part in the above event last week, together with 4 other schools each having two teams. Of the 10 teams, our two teams came out as the top two and therefore qualified to go to the Regional qualifier for the School Games. Well done to all.


This week, we took all of Class 3 to play dodgeball with 20 teams from 7 schools.

There were four groups and Wistanstow B and C came 2nd in their groups.

Wistanstow A including, Harrison, Charlie, Alfie L, James, Serena and Tia, won all their matches and have qualified for the regional play off in March. Very well played everyone.

The skills and discipline our pupils have gained through our PE at school and these sporting events cannot be under estimated.  Having been able to accompany the pupils to these tournaments, it has been interesting to watch their confidence grow and their skills develop over time and playing as part of a team has been very impressive.  The initial rounds we ensure that all pupils from the relevant year groups can have a go, which is not the case for many of the other schools.

Every year I think that we won’t be as successful as last year, but the example set by the older children encourages the younger ones to do well and the standards set seem to remain high. We do have a reputation for producing some great sporting boys and girls, which hopefully can be continued through to Secondary School.             Vicki

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