Minutes of PTA AGM

Minutes of the Wistanstow PTA AGM Thursday 20th September 2018

Present:- Zerena Gurney Adams, Juliet Orme, Julie Davies, Molly Milner, Mariella Halford, Ellie Goode, Claire Eveson, Mrs Townley, Catherine

Apologies:- Maz Guillet, Marianne Bromley Page, Gill Preece, Kelly Jones

The minutes of the last meeting were read out and agreed.

Chairperson’s Report:- See attached. Molly reported this would be her last year as Chairman.

Treasurer’s Report:- See attached. Last year’s accounts have been signed off. The Treasurer proposed changing the year end from 31/3 to 31/7. This was proposed by Juliet Orme and seconded by Molly Milner.

This year the current secretary Juliet Orme is standing down.

Election of new committee:-

Chairman:- Molly Milner nominated by Juliet Orme seconded by Zerena Gurney Adams

Secretary:- Betsy Cornes nominated by Juliet Orme seconded by Zerena Gurney Adams

Treasurer:- Julie Davis nominated by Ellie Goode seconded by Claire Eveson

Committee Members:- Juliet Orme, Molly Milner, Julie Davis, Maz Guillet, Ellie Goode, Mariella Halford, Claire Eveson, Zerena Gurney Adams.

Trustees:- As above

Teacher representative:- Barbara Townley.

Date of next AGM:- Thursday 19th September 2019. 3.20pm

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