Information for Parents about Wistanstow School


Welcome to Wistanstow Primary School.

This page contains essential information for new parents to the school.  Further information is on our website.  If, after reading this sheet and checking our website, you have any further questions you would like answered feel free to ring us.

 Contact Details
Wistanstow CE Primary School
Near Craven Arms

01588 673347

There is a closed group parents’ Facebook page that you can be invited to join.  Please contact the school if you wish to join.


We publish the Friday Flyer Newsletter weekly.  This is available on the website, sent by email and linked on the parents’ Facebook page.  This contains important information about events and trips so please read it every week.


Every child should come to school in uniform each day.  We use Tesco to provide uniform with the school logo. Leaflets are available at the front office or go to  and type in Wistanstow.

School uniform

Polo shirt: White or Yellow
Trousers/skirt: Black/Grey
Jumper/cardigan:  Green
Summer dresses: green/white check
Summer shorts: black/grey
Shoes: Black

PE uniform

Red T shirt
Black shorts and joggers
Black sweatshirt

School bags and PE bags are also available .

Children do not have to wear uniform with the school logo but appropriate colours must be worn.

Unless your child can do up their shoe laces on their own please send them with Velcro fasteners.

What should my child bring to school each day?

  • A re-useable water bottle filled with water only (not juice) to drink from throughout the day. We have water dispensers in each classroom for children to refill their bottles if necessary.
  • A school book bag. We provide every new child with a Wistanstow Book Bag.  These are for books only.  Drinks bottles should never be put in book bags.  Check these bags every day for notices from school and to find your child’s reading book.  Please read with your child every night for at least 10 minutes.
  • Healthy snack. Children in Reception and Years 1 and 2 are given a piece of fruit every day at break time.  Healthy snacks can be brought in – no crisps, sweets or sugary snacks.

School Dinners

Hot meals are prepared and served on the premises and several choices are offered each day.  A vegetarian menu is available for those who prefer it.  Please let us know if your child has any food allergies on the registration form.

Children in Reception and Years 1/2 are entitled to a free school meal.

For children in Years 3-6 dinner money is collected in advance on MONDAY morning.  To help prevent loss, money should be in an envelope clearly marked with your child’s name.  Envelopes are available in the office.

If your child is absent on Monday, or needs a dinner unexpectedly during the week, a reminder of the amount due will usually be sent on Friday.  We will email you a reminder.  We ask parents to avoid sending dinner money in during the middle of the week.

Dinner money may be paid by cheque which should be made payable to SHROPSHIRE COUNCIL, crossed, with the child’s full name on the reverse.

Dinners cost £10.75 per week (£2.15 per day).

Mrs. Saunders will be available if you have any queries regarding monies owed for dinners on Friday only.

Children may bring sandwiches and a drink for lunch.  The drink must be in an unbreakable, leak proof bottle – no glass bottles.  Children are not allowed to bring fizzy drinks or cans.


A child should only be absent from school when he/she is ill, has a dental or medical appointment or has permission.  It is very important that you:

  • telephone the school on the first morning of your child’s absence
  • send a letter of confirmation as to the reason for absence when your child comes back to school.

If the school has no indication of the reason for absence it will be registered as unauthorised.  Unauthorised absences are investigated by the Education Welfare Officer.

Children with dental or medical appointments during school hours can be sent to school, collected when required, and subsequently returned to school.  Our preference is that medical appointments are made outside of school hours if possible.

Holidays in Term Time


About the effect holidays in term time have on your child.

Holidays taken during the school term are extremely disruptive for both pupils and staff and we strongly recommend that they should be avoided.  It is at the discretion of the head teacher and governing body whether such leave will be granted and should not be regarded as an automatic right.

Whilst it is recognised that there are exceptional circumstances, parents are asked to carefully consider the effects upon their children in respect of learning and relationships.

If leave of absence is to be requested parents must complete an application form (available from the office) in advance of the holiday.  The following points will be considered prior to authorising the request:

  • The child’s previous attendance history
  • The age of the child
  • The child’s stage of education
  • The time of year (SATs, exams, etc.)
  • The nature of the trip (Exceptional circumstances)

Leave of absence will not be granted retrospectively.  If the head teacher has refused the request and the parents proceed with the absence, this will be recorded as unauthorised and the Education Welfare Service will be informed.  In this instance the Local Authority may serve a Fixed Penalty Notice.

End of day collection

We need to know who will usually pick up your child at the end of day.  This may be a parent or another named adult.

If someone different is going to pick up your child or they are going home with a friend we need to know either by phone call or in writing.  No child will be released from school unless we have received notification from the parent that there is a different arrangement for that day.

If your child usually travels to and from school on a taxi we will ask you to complete a taxi form each week to indicate which days they will/will not be using the taxi at the end of the day.  e.g. to stay for a club or going home with a friend.  This form will be used by staff at the end of the day so if any alterations need to be made during the week you must ring the school.


Sick children MUST be kept at home.

The school has no provision for the care of poorly children.  Please do not dose your child up with Calpol and send them in.  Sick children cannot learn and feel miserable at school.  Also it means that illnesses are passed on to other children and adults who work in the school.   We will not accept children into school who show signs of illness.

Illness at school

Should your child be taken ill at school we will telephone you to request that you collect them.  In the event of accident or injury every reasonable attempt will be made to contact the child’s parents and medical help will be sought if necessary.

Please tell the school as soon as possible about any infectious illnesses so that we can warn other parents e.g. German Measles, Whooping Cough, etc.

The school is not  allowed to administer medicines.  Advice from doctors states that a dose given before and after school is quite acceptable in treating most complaints.  If a child needs medication at midday we would ask that parents come in to school to administer it.

The above information does not apply to those children receiving treatment for asthma/hay fever or other chronic or ongoing conditions.


Please come into school and find out about our asthma/inhalers policy and procedures.

Periods of exclusion for infectious diseases

Chicken pox                          Minimum period of exclusion six days from onset of rash.

German Measles                   Minimum period of exclusion five days from onset of rash.  Please let school know so that a notice can be displayed to warn pregnant mothers

Measles                                  Minimum period of exclusion seven days from onset

of rash.

Mumps                                    Minimum period of exclusion seven days or until swelling has subsided.

Diarrhoea & Vomiting     Excluded until problem free for 48 hours

Food Poisoning                      Excluded from school until clinically fit and recovery is complete and certified as being so by G.P.

Whooping Cough                   Minimum period of exclusion twenty-one days from onset of paroxysmal cough

Hepatitis                                Minimum period of exclusion seven days from onset of jaundice or until considered fit to return by G.P.

More Common Skin Infections:

Impetigo                    Exclude for 48 hours from start of antibiotic treatment or                                                               until the skin is healed.

Head lice                   Until treatment has been received.  Treatment recommended is to wash the hair every day, apply plenty of conditioner and regularly (2 to 3 times a day), comb with a fine tooth comb. (available from school or chemists)  Please let us know if you ‘find’ lice so that we can warn everyone to be on the alert [needless to say, no names are mentioned during this process]

Early Birds Club

Early Birds Club takes place in Class 1. Children can arrive at school from 7.40.  Breakfast is NOT provided but children can bring a packed breakfast from home to eat.


7.40 – 8.50 £3.50
8.10-8.50    £2.50

There is a reduction for a second or third child from the same family.   Please ask for an information sheet for more details.

After school clubs

We run a variety of after school clubs for different age groups and these change throughout the year.  Please look at the website or ask in the office for details of current clubs.